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The art of framing is still alive and thriving in Ridgefield. For 30 years Frame Barn has been crafting beautiful frames to house all kinds of unique items. It’s not just pictures that deserve to be showcased. People bring in autographed jerseys, newspaper clippings, flags… anything and everything that deserves to be preserved and displayed.
Three years ago, we (Bill and Cheryl Young) bought the Frame Barn shop. We’ve seen some very interesting items come in, including a unique individually named Jameson Irish

showcaseWhiskey Bottle someone brought in to be framed. We get a lot of children’s artwork. We’ve even framed sculptures. Shadow boxes with built-in LED lights are a great way to showcase these three-dimensional items. Another interesting item was a historical document signed by President John Adams. We use acid-free paper and matting to preserve our pieces, as well as glass with UV protection.
Much of our business also involves repairs. Broken glass, askew frames and scratches are all things that can be helped. Sometimes humidity or age gets the best of a picture and it becomes rippled or off-center. We straighten and smooth that right up.
We’d love to see you. Come in to our shop on 113 Danbury Road in Ridgefield, CT. or contact us with any questions.

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